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How HypnoFertility Can Help!

For around one third of infertile couples, no medical cause can be found for their infertility. This is also known as unexplained infertility. Having diagnosed as “unexplained infertility” can be really disaster for couples who want to be parents. However, this can also be viewed as good news at least you have been medically proven that you are not infertile! Basically you just haven’t conceived yet!

Couples experiencing unexplained infertility may have tried, or are trying, all sorts of available help to increase their chances in conceiving their babies. Medical Reproductive Techniques like IUI, IVF, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and traditional medicine are just some of the help available today. HypnoFertility® is a natural means of enhancing fertility and even improving IVF response so that every couple has the chance to have a family. It is a form of hypnotherapy that uses special techniques that works effectively on the deep subconscious mind.

It was developed by National Guild Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor Lynsi Eastburn in USA. This is a powerful , precise program that support Mind/Body during the entire fertility process for optimal result. It has helped countless couples in the US & Canada.

Is your biological clock ticking?

Frequently we hear about increasing infertility rates and the unfortunate but common belief that it is not that easy to have a baby. Women aged 35 and over are particularly considered "high-risk." Hearing these words can cause devastating emotional upsets, increasing already soaring stress levels. Consequently, these women tend to be more aware of their biological clock ticking and become preoccupied with becoming pregnant.

How Stress can Effect Your Body

All these negative emotions can have a detrimental impact on the odds of conception. By:

  • Suppressing luteinizing hormone
  • Increasing serum cortisol levels
  • Inhibiting hypothalamic GnRH function- (gonadotrophic releasing hormone)
  • Preventing implantation of a fertilized egg
  • Reducing egg quality
  • Delaying release of eggs
  • Elevating prolactin levels

And by triggering the fight, flight freeze response where blood is literally redirected towards the bodies’ organs needed for survival, meaning the blood is directed away from the uterus, hindering the procedure rather than helping it.

When pregnancy occurs without medical intervention, implantation occurs when women are going about the normal daily activities; they may be shopping, sleeping, working etc. When women have had medical fertility treatments such as IVF, they are acutely aware of what may be happening. With so much hope and emotion (not to mention money) invested, it is not surprising that couples become very focused on the process taking place, and high levels of stress and anxiety can be the result- Unfortunately this is the exact opposite of what would happen naturally.

Hypnofertility can help reduce these levels of stress and anxiety,

By removing emotional blocks, addressing feelings of guilt and blame and by teaching couples to work together to keep stress and anxiety to an absolute minimum before, during and after medical treatment.

Moreover, stress hormones, as researchers have established, do not contribute to an environment conducive for pregnancy. The stress brought on by trying too hard, can cause additional anxiety and worry. When you become so worried that you allow a negative mind state to take over, you may inadvertently cause the self-fulfilling prophecy of failure and infertility.

Undergoing IVF or other medical procedure?

Whatever odds you have been given, this program can increase them. That’s right.

Many couples seem to share a common misconception "about conception and pregnancy". Newspapers and Magazines are publishing stories proclaiming the rise of "infertility" and an increased "need" for medical intervention. This can cause women to become so preoccupied with becoming pregnant they prematurely rush in for medical testing. When natural conception is delayed, couples begin searching for alternative methods, including IVF. Frequently these treatments take a long time, leaving many women feeling frustrated and even fearful of needles and invasive procedures.

It is encouraging to learn that there is a clinical hypnotherapy program designed to support women undergoing IVF, medical procedures or alternative treatments. Studies indicate "infertile" women using hypnosis and mind/body treatment methods have up to 55% conception success rate as compared to 20%, for those not following these methods.

HypnoFertility can help...

HypnoFertility is a non-invasive program specifically designed to help women conceive naturally. Hypnotherapy for fertility also offers invaluable support to women undergoing IVF and other medical procedure. HypnoFertility treatments help you manage the fear and frustration, allowing you to feel more calm and in control. Clinical hypnosis provides you with some very real tools to help you achieve the relaxation needed for a truly successful conception and pregnancy.

Our unique Hypnotherapy programme not only relaxes you but helps to remove ‘blocks’ which can open the door to conception, whether naturally or medically assisted.

The unique Hypnofertility programme, developed by Lynsi Eastburn (who I credit and thank for much of the information discussed in this section), with whom Jenn trained with directly, has helped many women and couples across the USA and Canada to find that wonderful positive, relaxed state that allows for successful conception - and most importantly babies!

Choose to give yourself the best possible chance to have your baby. Recent studies published in /The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association /and the journal /Fertility and Sterility /indicate that “infertile” women utilizing hypnosis techniques have a 42-55% conception rate as compared to 20% with IVF alone.

Whatever odds they have given you - this program will increase them. You have to like that.

If you are trying to get pregnant, take it above and beyond chance. You have probably gone to considerable lengths to keep your body free of toxins and exposure to harmful elements. Why then would you allow destructive habits and thought patterns to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive? It just makes sense to do what can be done to maximize your chances for success.

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