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By the time I had reached 34, I had all but given up hope of ever meeting someone, getting married or realizing my dream of having a family. But as fate would have it, I met my husband to be shortly after; we married 18 months later and began immediately working towards our shared dream of having a family of our own. Two devastating miscarriages and an emergency ectopic pregnancy filled the next three years of our lives. At some point we realized that we needed to enlist the help of professionals to make our dream become a reality. We started working with the amazing Doctors at the Foothills Regional Fertility Clinic. After four failed Intrauterine Insemination attempts; we once again decided we needed a little extra help.

I started researching ways in which fertility treatments had higher success rates. Once again fate intervened and I located Jenn Price Jones. My husband was skeptical that hypno fertility could work for us but truthfully at that point I think he was willing to try anything as was I. After a few short sessions with Jenn; it became obvious to me; that I was carrying around a lot of fears surrounding our history. Unbeknownst to me; the fear of having another ectopic pregnancy and losing my one remaining fallopian tube or worse my life; was so great that I was unable to move forward. With the expert guidance of Jenn, I was able to work through those fears and visualize a happy, healthy, successful In Vitro fertilization.

We had our first round of IVF in July 2009 and are thrilled to be expecting our little miracle, April 2010. My husband and I both fully agree that without the help, compassion and guidance of Jenn this journey would not have been as stress free and perhaps as successful as it was.


My husband and I struggled with secondary fertility. After our son was born we had been trying for over two years - including IUI and IVF several times unsuccessfully. I had three miscarriages during that time and nothing seemed to be working. We were going to try one last IVF attempt down at the Denver Fertility Clinic. Prior to going for my IVF I had read a study from Denver in which women completed a mindfulness program - including meditation and hypnosis. Those who completed the program had a much higher rate of IVF success. 

I decided that it couldn't hurt to try hypnosis to help with the stress of infertility and since it was our final attempt we had nothing to lose. I was not optimistic as Denver had given us a 10-15% success rate given my age and previous response to IVF. I started hypnosis about every 2 weeks with Jenn. We used guided imagery to decrease stress and get rid of any mind blocks i had regarding fertility. Within 6 sessions I was pregnant naturally 1 month prior to us trying our final IVF attempt. We couldn't believe it!! I then continued to see Jenn regularly throughout the first trimester and really felt it helped me to keep this pregnancy going. I'm very much a science based person and I really believe we are pregnant because of Jenn. The mind is a very powerful tool and can have a huge effect on the body. Hypnosis helped me to overcome my anxiety about fertility and my body's natural ability to become pregnant. All we can say is thank-you!! We are over the moon. 


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Phone: (403) 279-7788
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